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Cases of primary hypomotor disorders of flexeril peristalsis, which develop in patients belonging to the older age category or suffering from chronic alcoholism, are extremely rare. Each of them is characterized by insufficiency of the cardiac sphincter and the presence of reflux esophagitis. In the bulk of people suffering from them, it is observed. Segmental spasm of the esophageal tube is characterized. Difficulty passing food with a semi-liquid consistency into the stomach (it can be mashed curds, kefir, thick juices, sour cream) and foods high in plant fibers (bread, fresh fruits and vegetables). The presence of moderate pain, not associated with irradiation, having a beginning and an end.

Diffuse esophagospasm is characterized by the presence of. Extremely strong retrosternal pain radiating to the stomach, shoulders and lower jaw. The occurrence of a long-lasting pain attack can occur during meals, and quite suddenly. For its relief, sometimes one large sip of water is enough. After the pain subsides, the patient usually develops an eructation of the contents of the stomach. Dysphagia, which is permanent. almost imperceptible when swallowing solid food and well expressed during the use of dishes with a liquid consistency.

Pathologies accompanied by a malfunction of the esophageal valves are represented by achalasia of the cardia, cardiospasm and problems with the reduction of the pharyngeal sphincter. The clinical manifestations of cardiospasm (the so-called spasm of the cardia - the lower sphincter of the esophageal tube) include. Increased tone of the lower parts of the esophageal tube. Difficulty passing food through the cardiac - lower - sphincter. Sensation of a foreign body or lump in the throat, which tends to buy flexeril online aggravated by great excitement or at the moment of swallowing. This condition may be accompanied by a strong burning sensation behind the sternum and a feeling of lack of air. The occurrence of belching and heartburn in case the increase in peristalsis extends to the structures of the stomach.

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Nonspecific dyskinesia of the esophageal tube is characterized. Preservation of the peristalsis of the esophageal tube. The irregular appearance of pain localized at the very top of the sternum or in its middle part. Being short-lived and associated with food intake, they most often go away completely on their own. Complete absence of dysphagia. With achalasia of the cardiac valve is observed. Dysphagia, which is the main clinical sign of this disease and has a number of features. Occurring only in certain situations (with strong excitement, hasty swallowing of food, not chewing it thoroughly enough) or when eating foods rich in vegetable fiber, it often has a paradoxical character. With achalasia of the esophagus, solid food (especially large portions of it) passes through it much more easily than liquid food. Decreased peristalsis of the lower esophagus. insufficientth opening of the lower gastroesophageal sphincter, which provokes periodic stagnation of cyclobenzaprine coma in the lumen of the esophageal tube due to the lack of access to the stomach. Sensation of fullness and constriction of the stomach.

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In case of luck, the food is in the stomach, and the patient is relieved. The presence of retrosternal pain that occurs when eating and is caused by overstretching of the esophageal tube. Pain can be given to buy cyclobenzaprine pills online, shoulder blades and lower jaw. Belching of eaten food (regurgitation). Inflammation of the mucous membranes of the esophagus (esophagitis).
The first stage of diagnosis is a consultation with a gastroenterologist. Since esophageal dyskinesia does not have pathognomonic (characteristic only for this disease) laboratory signs, blood (biochemical) and urine (general) tests are performed solely to identify the causes and concomitant diseases. The leading diagnostic method for detecting any type of dyskinesia is contrast fluoroscopy, which uses a radiopaque mass prepared from a third glass of barium sulfate, which has a creamy consistency, barium acid and a small amount of citric acid.
Among the rarest pathologies of the esophagus are disorders related to contraction of the pharyngeal-esophageal sphincter. The clinical manifestations of these disorders declare themselves. To identify cardiac valve insufficiency or the presence of gastroesophageal reflux, they resort to using a simple technique. the patient, who is in an upright position, receives a contrast mass prepared according to the above recipe, and drinks it.

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